Cost-effective Cloud

Choosing the right Cloud hosting provider is essential to get the best impact of the platform. Cloud hosting solutions are cost-effective. Cloud does not require you to invest in infrastructure nor on the hardware & software maintenance.

Bluekiri is an experienced and trustworthy Cloud hosting provider capable of handling constant high traffic and I/O-intensive applications with efficiency. Our servers are built strong and placed at strategic points across different locations. With Verizon CDNs and F5 load balancers, we guarantee total uptime and fast response irrespective of where your audience are from. We charge you on the pay-as-you-use model on a monthly billing plan. You will find a package that will suit you whether you are an Enterprise or a small growing bussines.

Bluekiri Enterprise Cloud is an on-demand, self-service Cloud designed to meet your requirements for reliability, security and agility. Not only this, it can facilitate the rapid deployment of infrastructure on a global scale.

Cost-effective and flexible, the Cloud platform is suitable for small and large-scale enterprises across the region. Easy-to-use and accessible, Bluekiri will ensure that its implementation is matched with the best quality customer support.

Security is a core component of our Enterprise Cloud platform, so there’s no need to worry about using third party software to protect your assets. Additional security services can also be deployed to enhance security such as network IDS/IPS, email and web anti-virus, URL and application filtering, web application firewall, real-time malware detection, VM security and profiling services.


Our Enterprise Cloud is engineered to deliver:

  • Performance: With guaranteed, uncontended resources, you have full control of your networks and instances of load balancing and computing through an easy-to-use self-service portal which also allows you to create resources on demand.
  • Flexibility: Leverage the elasticity of the public cloud and scale up or down as required for local and global operations. Leverage existing OS templates, or upload your own pre-built VM images. Deploy security and load-balancing devices dynamically as required
  • Cost optimisation: With low infrastructure costs, the Enterprise Cloud is available at a much lower cost than traditional in-house IT solutions – and with attractive options to pay for what you use, bill per minute and flat rate bandwidth billing.
  • Security: With security a core concern, choose from a rich set of security features backed by global security NOC covering all aspects of cloud platform security, ranging from anti-virus to malware detection and profiling services. Your data is safely stored in Australia unless you choose to send it elsewhere.
  • Customer support: Backed by a 99.99% up-time Service Level Agreement, our team of experts will deliver the cloud with a short lead time and back up its performance with support and help available 24/7/365.


The Bluekiri Enterprise Cloud service features:

  • The ultimate and most innovate compute, network and all-flash storage setup.
  • Hybrid interconnectivity to allow private network connectivity into external assets, and private WAN connectivity into the cloud platform.
  • High availability architecture which is an approach of defining the components, modules or implementation of services of a system which ensures optimal operational performance, even at times of high loads.
  • Scalability to pay for what you use.
  • Free connection from Bluekiri Enterprise Cloud into NTT’s Arcstar Universal One network
  • Increase performance and availability by using virtualized load balancing services.